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SoulCollage® Spark challenge

Want to learn a lot about yourself in a short time, bring more balance into your life and do a fun challenge? Join the Online SoulCollage® Challenge and uncover the hidden treasures within.
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What is included?

  • 14 Video's
  • Community access

Looking for a breakthrough in your life?

Do you take time for yourself and your personal development? Do you feel that your personal development is stagnant and could use a boost?

Are you not a fan of endless, lengthy workshops or courses? Would you like to learn more about yourself in a shorter time and bring new balance into your life?

Do you desire more balance in your life? Do the conflicting thoughts in your head sometimes drive you crazy? Is your inner critic often too loud? Do you want to become more empowered and lead a life filled with love?

Loving yourself just as you are

Join this challenge and create more balance in your life and enjoy yourself much more. You are taking steps to love yourself more and shed light on the parts you find less beautiful about yourself.

You fully accept yourself as you are. There is so much strength in self-acceptance. You no longer need to fight with yourself, to present yourself differently on the outside than who you are.

With all those inner parts, you are authentic and can create a life you never thought possible.How beautiful it is to challenge yourself, to clarify your dreams and cast aside your limitations.

And the fun part is that you can do this together with others!Let your light shine on your soul’s aspects and join this challenge.

Warning :this challenge can be addictive

What you'll learn

Getting to know yourself better

By shining a light on yourself, without judgment and with curiosity, along with a dose of creativity, you will gain more insights into who you truly are.

Transform your negative thougts

You are often out of balance because you have judgments about yourself. This prevents you from fully expressing yourself. With this challenge, we will work on that because you too are a diamond that deserves to shine.

 Enhance your talents & qualities

Can your talents and qualities benefit from a polish, or do you even have little insight into what you have to offer? I can assure you that after this challenge, you will have more clarity about what you have to offer.
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This is how the challenge works

How it works

Every day, for fourteen days, you will receive an email in your mailbox with a link to a video in which I briefly explain and give you an assignment for the day.
You follow this path of the Challenge together with others in this Community. You can share your experiences and cards you have created. You can also ask questions there.
This online challenge lasts 14 days. Your ticket is €25. (approx: $27) You can bring a friend for free.
Cancellation and refund of your money is unfortunately not possible because this is an online course, which you can’t return by its nature. However you can send someone else in your place.

SoulCollage® challenge – make your life more fun

Frequently asked questions

Can I still join this challenge afterwards?

Certainly! You can do this online challenge at your own pace and you can still access the study material after the course. That's easy if you have a busy week.

This challenge is online. Will I receive support with this?

Yes of course! If you have trouble logging in or if you have any questions in the online environment, you can ask me directly. I will solve it for you quickly. I will also organize a Q&A once for all participants in which I will guide you through this challenge and where you can ask questions.

Can I bring a friend?

You certainly can. You can share experiences with each other when joining together. That gives a lot of depth. Nice plus: if you bring a friend you will receive a coupon after purchasing this challenge so that your friend can join for free

How much time do I need each day?

It takes about half an hour a day, depending on how fast you make cards. Try to schedule this every day, so that you devote time and attention to yourself. This is important to achieve a faster inner growth. You can also always catch up at your time.

SoulCollage® Spark Challenge

Sparkling stories by our participants
“The 14-day challenge brought a refreshing review of the basics for me in the first few days. From day 4 onwards, thanks to Lucy’s guidance in terms of theme or task, some special cards emerged.
They have given me insights that have strengthened my path; hope and, at the same time, a confirmation of where I want to go.
With the help of the cards, my long-awaited dream is becoming a reality.

 Those small fragments of my soul already knew this; they just needed a way to convey this message. Thank you, Lucy, for giving a voice to myself.
Frieda de RIDDER
“I had only recently become acquainted with SoulCollage®, and I am very happy to learn more about this method in such an accessible way. It brings me a lot. Especially in moments when I am having a hard time, when I cannot find peace, engaging with SoulCollage® is very comforting. Taking a break from daily life, and then these beautiful, deep insights emerge, supporting me.I consider it an enormous gift!

It’s interesting that multiple cards naturally come into being simultaneously, and they are connected or follow each other. That provides even more insights. Participating in this enjoyable challenge gives me more possibilities, entry points, to discover how I can start creating cards!”
Ria van Veen
Meet the instructor

Lucy Schaaphok

Lucy Schaaphok is an expert in the field of inner leadership and personal growth. Lucy is a creator, inspirer and enjoys building communities. Lucy's background is a nice mix between psychology and visual arts.

She provides training, retreats and coaching to mainly female professionals with different backgrounds (executives, non-executives, coaches & therapists) who want to grow in their inner leadership.
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